Taglit - Birthright Israel

Taglit Birthright Israel, the most successful project in the Jewish world today, has brought thousands of young Jews to Israel every year since 2000.  Young Jews from around the world, many of whom have little or no relationship with Judaism or Israel, come to Israel for a ten day tour - completely free of charge.  Thanks to Birthright, there are now well over a 150,000 goodwill ambassadors around the world making Israel's case on college campuses and beyond.

Hibba's "Intouch" Birthright tour offers a mix of fun (hikes, the beaches of Eilat, camel riding) interactive educational content and a spiritual experience (Shabbat in Jerusalem, the Western Wall) in an open and pluralistic atmosphere.

The results of Birthright are staggering.  Researchers at Brandeis University report that 68% of Birthright participants feel very connected to Judaism after their trip as compared to a mere 38% before.   55% feel very connected to Israel after their Birthright trip as compared tp 22% before. 

Hibba is very proud to be part of Birthright and is happy to annouce that its capacity has increased by 300% so that more participants can join us for an unforgettable journey to their past and future!

Hibba is looking forward to hosting Birthright participants for a variety of fun and inspiring programs in its new Hibba Center located in central Jerusalem.