The Israeli Heritage Movement was founded in 1982 by Eliyahu Gabbay and is currently chaired by Yonah Betzaleli. 
Hibba's Vision
The Hibba Israeli Heritage Movement (Hibba) is an organization that seeks to bring the ancient Jewish culture to new heights by reviving time old Jewish concepts; thereby making them relevant to the modern day Israeli cultural discourse. This entails taking ancient cultural ideas and transforming them in such a manner that modern Israeli audiences may not only be aware of these notions but rather identify with them. Further, Hibba seeks to create a cultural dialogue within Israeli society, which will both deepen and enrich the world of Jewish culture. Hibba believes that the best way to do so is by merging the classic Jewish world with the young and modern Israeli culture. By examining the Jewish milieu through the lenses of varying disciplines and cultural worlds, Israeli society will be able to create and develop an authentic cultural language, which draws from all aspects of life; making it both timeless and relevant; gentle and humane. The fusion of diverse worlds—ancient and modern; east and west; text and fine arts, facilitates the creation of this authentic vision, which Hibba seeks to give rise to.
Over the past several years Hibba has advanced a sundry of projects, which address various aspects of Jewish culture and identity in Israel and the Diaspora. Included among them are organizing Birthright trips to Israel, which enables Jewish Americans to experience Israel in a positive and meaningful manner. In addition, Hibba runs Sabbath seminar weekends that focus on Jewish liturgy and culture, cultural evenings for university students in both Hebrew and English, and seminars for Israeli soldiers that concentrate on Jewish tradition 
The Hibba Center
Currently, Hibba's brand new building is in its final stages of completion. The structure is located on Herzog Street in Katamon, Jerusalem, which is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of central Jerusalem.The Hibba Center is four stories tall and spans 4,000 meters, which includes event halls, an auditorium, classrooms, a library, an art studio, and a music studio.


Eliyahu Gabbay, Hibba Founder:  Eliyahu Gabbay has dedicated over thirty years of his life to education in Israel - first as a teacher and school principal and then as chair of the Jerusalem Municipal Education Committee.  Mr. Gabbay served as a member of Knesset from 1998-1999 and 2006-2009.  Born in Baghdad in 1943, Mr. Gabbay made aliyah with his family at the age of 8.  Mr. Gabbay founded Hibba out of the desire to strengthen the ties between Jews and their shared heritage.